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Open Enrollment and Transfers

  • The Medford School Board has approved open enrollment for all elementary schools and Ruch School. (Deadline Passed) Open enrollment is currently not available for students wanting to transfer at the middle or high school level except at Ruch School. The open enrollment period begins March 1st and closes April 1st.

    Based on historical enrollment data, we will only be able to accept a limited number of kindergarteners in most of our elementary schools except for Ruch K-8 School.  

    Below are the advertised number of district-wide openings by grade level:

    Kindergarten: 10

    1st grade: 45

    2nd grade: 75

    3rd grade: 55

    4th grade: 50

    5th grade: 60

    6th grade: 80

    (Deadline Passed) On your application, you can choose up to three schools in which you would like your child to attend. Due to space constraints, we cannot guarantee that your child will be admitted to one of those schools of choice. We will do our best to accommodate your wishes in accordance with our criteria and will notify you of your child’s school placement by June 1st

    If you have questions, please call the Education Services Department at 541-842-3627.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the key differences between Open Enrollment Transfer and an (IDT) Interdistrict Transfer?

    Open Enrollment Transfers

    • Can live inside or outside of the Medford School District boundaries
    • Must apply between March 1 and April 1 for the following school year.
    • Do not need to be released by your home District.
    • If accepted, you are considered a Medford student until you graduate or enroll in another district.

    Interdistrict Transfers (IDTs)

    • May apply for the current school year at any time or for the upcoming school year any time other than the Open Enrollment period from March 1 to April 1.
    • Must be released by your resident district one time.
    • May continue at receiving district as long as space is available. Students will need to reapply after sixth grade and eighth grade.
    • Criteria include emergency, hardship, teen parent program, mid-year move or summer move, desire to go to Ruch School.

    Who Can Apply?

    All students in grades kindergarten through sixth grade who live either inside or outside the Medford School District boundaries may apply for open enrollment between March 1st and April 1st. Those who desire to attend Ruch School can apply kindergarten through eighth grade for open enrollment. Open enrollment is not currently available for high school students.

    Can I enroll my child at a specific school?

    No. Openings are identified on a grade-level basis district-wide by space. We will place successful applicants who have committed to a transfer to the district at requested schools when possible. Requests for a specific school must be honored for resident students first. You will request up to three schools on your application form.

    Can my child ride a bus?

    No. You must provide your own transportation.

    What if I miss the deadline for open enrollment?

    If you miss the April 1 application deadline, you will not be able to apply for open enrollment. The deadline is set by state law.

    What is the lottery process?

    If we receive more applicants at a grade level than we have available openings, the students will be selected by an equitable lottery selection process based on the following order:

    1. Resident students within the district
    2. Non-residents who have siblings currently enrolled
    3. Students who attend a Medford public charter school at least three consecutive years
    4. To any non-resident students

    How will I find out if my child was accepted and where he or she will be placed?

    The district will notify you if your child is or is not admitted to the district by May 1st. Families will be notified on school placement by June 1st.