• Dance Rules

    Students who attend dances must abide by the following rules:

    1. Dance tickets must be purchased in advance from the school Activities Office. Dance tickets are not sold at the door.
    2. School ID must be shown at admittance to the dance.
    3. Students must be dressed appropriately to attend school dances.
    4. Appropriate conduct must be maintained at all times especially while dancing. Inappropriate dancing will result in dismissal from the dance without a refund.
    5. Transportation home after the dance must be arranged prior to the dance.
    6. Once students leave the dance, they cannot re-enter and must depart school grounds immediately.
    7. No backpacks/satchels are allowed into dances.
    8. Students may bring guests who have been issued guest passes at the discretion of the administration. Guest passes may be requested in Student Management in advance. You must accompany your guest to the dance and you are responsible for your guest's conduct.
    9. A limited number of guest passes are issued to underclassmen for the junior/senior prom on a first come, first served basis.
    10. Personal property is the responsibility of the student. We recommend that students leave electronics and valuable equipment at home.
    11. School drug and alcohol policies are in effect at all activities.