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  • Open House

    Thursday, September 21st


    We would like to invite you to our Open House on Thursday, September 21st. 8th Grade will start at 6:10, 7th Grade at 6:55.

    During the Open House, each team will start in a location for a large group message. You will hear from Principal Anderson and Assistant Principal Johnson via the "morning show". Next you will meet your child’s core team of teachers. When the team is done presenting, teachers will return to their classrooms. Parents are welcome to travel through the school to the different classes that your child attends every day. Teachers will be available for a meet and greet. Also, teachers will have additional information about their classes for you.

    Team 81 will start at 6:10 in the Multipurpose Room
    Team 82 will start at 6:10 in the Gym
    Team 83 will start at 6:10  in the Cafeteria
    Open House ends for 8th grade at 6:45

    Team 71 will start at 6:55 in the Gym
    Team 72 will start at 6:55 in the Cafeteria
    Team 73 will start at  6:55 in the Multipurpose Room
    Team 74 will start at 6:55 in the Choir Room #107
    Open House ends for 7th grade at 7:45

    As a reminder, please do not park on Jackson Street in the bike lanes or in the loading zone pull out by the lower Jackson Street Entrance. We ask that you park on a side street near the school.

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