What Is a Schoolwide Program?

  • In February of 1996, a Medford School District Title I-A advisory committee made up of parents, teachers, and community members voted in favor of concentrating the Medford School District’s Title I-A funding on schools with 75% or greater poverty. These schools qualify as Schoolwide Programs and can use their Title I-A funds to upgrade and reform the instructional program for all students in the school. We are no longer limited to serving a few targeted students. Each of the eleven Schoolwide Programs has its own decision-making process. Parents, community members, teachers, and other staff decide what steps are necessary to help all students meet high state standards. There is a great deal of local decision-making and flexibility in the Schoolwide Programs. Parents can request information regarding the highly qualified status of their child’s teacher.

Schoolwide Title I-A Schools

What Is A Targeted Assisted Program?

  • One of the primary differences between schoolwide program schools and targeted assistance schools is the requirement that the latter may use Title I, Part A funds only for programs that provide services to eligible children identified as having the greatest need for assistance. Targeted assistance schools, therefore, may not provide services to all children in the school or in particular grades.

Targeted Assisted Programs