• The purpose of this page is to share the key concepts about proficiency grading and what this means for students and families. The District teaching staff have worked hard to respond to a 2011 Oregon law change that requires proficiency grading and reporting; it is also known as House Bill 2220. Our grading system, methodology, and report card have all been redesigned to meet these new requirements.

    The bottom line in the change is that grades are no longer averaged over a term. Instead, every student has the chance to master the content standards regardless of how other students perform. What's more, each student has a chance to earn an "A" grade, not just the students at the top of the Bell Curve. The other significant change is that student behaviors like attendance, tardies, preparedness, and classroom behavior are scored separately. We all know that behaviors do have an impact on learning and grades, but by keeping the two separate, we can identify if the student needs academic help or behavioral help.

    Here are some helpful documents and links that explain Proficiency Grading in more detail:

    Proficiency Based Instruction and Assessment

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to read your middle school report card (English) (Espanol)

    How to ready your high school report card (English) (Espanol)


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