Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How old does my child need to be to start school?
    A: Children who are five years old on or before September 1st are eligible for Kindergarten. Registration papers can be completed at any Medford elementary school. Proof of birth date and an immunization record are required to complete registration.

    Medford School District Board policy (JEBA-AR) allows the parents of a child whose 5th birthday falls between September 2nd and October 1st to apply for early entrance to kindergarten, if the child’s needs for cognitive, social and physical development would best be met in the school program, as defined by the district school board policy. For more information on early entrance to kindergarten, please click here.

    School Board Policy JEBA ENTRANCE AGE

    For more information, contact Melissa Johnston or Kelly Tibbets.

    Q: What immunizations does my child need to start school?
    A: Click here for a flyer with a complete list of required immunizations.

    For more information, see our School Health Services page.

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    Q: How do I transfer my child to a different school?
    A: School board policy allows children residing in one 549C elementary school attendance area to transfer to another 549C elementary school under the following conditions:

    Parents must submit a completed Medford Elementary School Intra-District Transfer Request form to the principal of the home/resident elementary school. A separate form must be completed for each child for whom the family is seeking a transfer. 

    1. Requests for transfer based on any of the following will be considered:
      1. A request to enroll a student in a school’s attendance area to which the parent/guardians are in the process of moving. Proof of residency may be requested.
      2. If the legal residence is changed, a request to allow a student to remain in his/her former school for the balance of that year.
      3. A request to permit a son or daughter of an employee to attend a school other than or the same as the one in which the parent is an employee.
      4. Significant circumstances of an educational nature which would be relieved by a change in attendance area.
      5. Significant circumstances of a family nature which would be relieved by a change in attendance area.
    2. The following are not recognized as valid reasons for transfer:
      1. Desire to attend the same school as a friend.
      2. Distance to and from the elementary school currently attending.
      3. Desire to attend a specific program or have a specific teacher.
    3. Requests for transfer will either be approved with conditions or disapproved by the director of elementary education or his/her designee considering the following criteria:
      1. Sending principal approval.
      2. Receiving principal approval.
      3. Special services needed by incoming students.
      4. Number of students at the grade level involved, at both the requested school and the home school.
      5. Building capacities. 
      6. Physical size of classrooms.
      7. Anticipated additional enrollment. 
      8.  Learning or behavior problems that exist at the grade level of the requested school or are in the record of the student for whom the request is being made.
    4. For optimum planning attendance area transfer forms should be submitted by June 1 to be considered for school opening in the fall term. 
    5. If the transfer decision can be made before the school year begins, registration may be at the approved school.  Otherwise, the student is expected to register and attend their home school until a decision to allow attendance at another school is made.
    6. Responsibility for transportation to the receiving school shall be assumed by the parent/guardian. Students must be delivered to school and leave school at times established by the principal. Students may ride a school bus if space is available and if place of pickup is on an established bus route serving the receiving school.
    7. Approval of a request for one student in a family does not automatically apply to other students in the same family, although parents/guardians may request that elementary students from the same family be considered together.
    8. Attendance area transfers are approved for one year only. A new attendance area transfer form must be submitted for any subsequent school year.  The reason for the subsequent request must be stated and be allowed by item number 2 above.  Simply continuing in the same elementary school the following year may not be approved.
    9.  Active transfers will be reviewed at the end of each quarter.  Transfers may be revoked during the school year upon recommendation of the principal and approval of the director of elementary education. Families will be given advanced notice of potential revocation and adequate time to correct any deficiencies.  Transfers may be revoked for the following reasons (but not limited to):
      1. Regular attendance and punctuality must be maintained. If attendance has been less than satisfactory, as defined by the requirements of Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), the transfer may be revoked.
      2. Good behavior must be maintained. Students with behavior problems may have their transfer revoked.
      3. False or misleading statements regarding a transfer request will result in denial or revocation of the transfer.

    School Board Policy JECBB-AR Intradistrict Transfer Students

    For more information, please go to our Enrollment and Transfer Center.

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    Q: What school attendance area do I live in?
    A: Click here to look up your school attendance area using your address.

    For more information, contact Melissa Johnston or Kelly Tibbets.