Special Education Programs and Services

  • Comprehensive Services for Meeting Special Learning Needs of Students

    Parents looking for additional resources to support their child with special needs will find help at Medford schools. We offer a wide range of services to meet your child's needs. Highly trained staff will assist in evaluating your child's situation and help find the best resources to allow your child to have the most appropriate and successful educational experience. If you feel your child may have a special need, please contact your child's teacher or school principal. If you have questions regarding district policy or special education, contact Special Education at 541-842-3628. 

    The Medford School District offers a wide range of programs and services for students requiring Special Education. Please click on the link below for more information about specific programs.
    Assessment Services
    A variety of assessment services are available to students in the Medford School District. Our Student Services Department and staff conduct diagnostic assessments and evaluations as part of the special education services offered to our students. These assessments and evaluations are used to determine if a student has a disability that adversely impacts his/her educational performance.
    Behavior Support Team
    The Behavior Support Team (BST) provides services to student eligible for special education in the areas of behavior skills. A variety of services are available, including:
    • Consultation
    • Small Group Instruction
    • Student Coaching
    • Functional Behavior Assessment
    FOCUS Programs
    The FOCUS Programs in the Medford School District are special education programs designed to serve students with severe behavior disorders, whose needs cannot be adequately addressed in the general education setting or other special programs. FOCUS Programs are available for students in grades K–12.
    MAPS Programs
    Multi-Age Positive Supports Programs (MAPS) is to assist students who have educational challenges to reach their fullest potential. MAPS programs are:
    • Self-contained
    • Designed to support the unique needs of students who have learning, cognitive, and communication delays
    • Maintain a high staff-to-student ratio 
    • Dedicated to providing a safe and positive learning environment
    • Designed with instructional practices that are research based and focus on positive reinforcement, visual supports, structured teaching, functional routines, and differentiated instruction
    Resource Centers/Logos Resource Center
    All 19 of our traditional schools have a Resource Center that provides support services to students in grades K–12 who qualify for special education. Resource services at each school site are:
    • Coordinated and delivered by highly trained specialists and educational support staff
    • Offer specially designed instruction in reading, writing, math, behavior and social skills
    • Consultation services to classroom teachers are also provided
    • The curriculum and instruction provided in these programs are research based and are designed to improve student achievement and success in the school setting
    • Instruction is delivered in small groups
    • Students participate in direct instruction as well as guided and independent practice
    • Utilize technology to enhance student learning 
    Speech and Language Services
    At the elementary level, a typical speech and language skill group consists of three to four students who are working on similar speech/language goals. Students are seen by a Speech/Language Pathologist or a Speech/Language Pathologist Assistant on a weekly basis. At the middle and high school levels, services may be provided as consultation with the classroom teacher. However, individual students may warrant additional services.

    PresenceLearning Speech and Language Services
    The Medford School District is proud to partner with PresenceLearning, one of the nation's top online speech and language service providers. PresenceLearning provides access to a network of licensed clinical professionals who work face-to-face with students via secure, live, online video sessions using a proprietary platform, a vast library of therapy activities, and detailed progress monitoring and tracking tools.

    Transition Program
    The Transition Program is available to students eligible for special education who have graduated with a modified or extended diploma or alternative certificate who have unmet transition needs through the age of 21 (or the end of the school year during the year you turn 21). Transition Services are designed to help students transition from high school to adult life and may include training and learning, employment, community participation, home living and personal skills, recreation and leisure, and developing resources in the community. 
    Other Services
    Early Childhood
    Private School
    • If your child is enrolled in a private school, and you are concerned they may have a disability, please contact Sandy Stack at 541-842-1060.
    Southern Oregon Education Service District (SOESD)
    • The district also accesses evaluative, consultative, and direct special education services through the SOESD. To see these specialized services, visit the SOESD website.