• Lone Pine Timeline

     1857School District #10 is formed by dividing School District #5.
                     •  3+2 registered students – half that many attended regularly
                     •   Annual budget: $104.68
     1866Renamed the Tolman District
     1870 Renamed the Dunn District for Patrick Dunn, first clerk of the board.
     1875Renamed the South Prairie District.
     1887 New building constructed across from the original building, known as Red Top School due to it’s red roof.
     1920 Renamed Lone Pine School.
     1926Lone Pine School present site started with four classrooms (rooms 25, 26, 27 & 28).
     1933  Two-classroom addition built on south side (rooms 23 & 24), lunch room built on north side (back room of room 27).
     1938Grounds first landscaped, land to the east purchased for a playground.
     1946  Original namesake pine tree died.
     1948 Current pine tree at front of school planted by the Forest Service.
     1948Gym and cafeteria built (currently the office).
     1952Two rooms (not sure which rooms) and two basement rooms added.
     1957Six classroom upper wing built (rooms 1-6).
     1959Lone Pine School District #10 consolidated with Medford, Howard, Ruch, Griffin Creek, and Jacksonville Districts to become Medford 549C.
     1964A “team teaching” room was built which was the beginning of the six room lower wing. (rooms 10 - 15).
     1972Current cafeteria built, old cafeteria became the library and dressing rooms added to gym. 
     1974Four “relocatable” units (the quad) were erected (rooms 16-19).
     1982Current library (octogon) built and old library remodeled to become the current school office. An additional 1.68 acres added, total acreage 9.2).
     1986Principal’s office remodeled and the teacher workroom moved to the basement below room 28.
     1995Library was remodeled to house a computer lab making it a true Media Center.
     1997New playground structure installed on lower playground. Funds raised by Saturn of Southern Oregon, City of Medford and Lone Pine PTO.
     1997Kindergarten rooms 8 & 9, and ERI room 7, built on the south end of the upper wing.
     1997Wall separating the main office was removed.
     1998The area between the cafeteria and rooms 23/24 was landscaped. The old trees were removed; two new trees and lawn were planted. A bicycle area was paved for the bicycle racks
     1998Lawn in front of the old building (rooms 25 & 26) was given up for a new parking lot and drive-through student drop off area. The lone pine was preserved. Brookdale and Lone Pine Roads both widened and sidewalks added.
     1998Entire school was painted inside and out. The teal green color was introduced as an accent in place of the forest and Kelly greens from the past.
     2001Track (Partially funded by Providence Health Systems and the Asberry family, was built on south east field. Baseball field was relocated inside the track. Kindergarten playground courtesy of the Horton Foundation was built on city park property east of the kindergarten classrooms 8 & 9. Old playground equipment was moved to the site. A grass courtyard with two maple trees was planted between the upper and lower wings in front of rooms 6 & 7.
     2004Entrance stairs to old building, by rooms 25 & 26 were removed completely, foundation support added and stairs rebuilt.  Door to hallway from health room sealed up.  New counters and cabinets added.
    Office, old building, gym, cafeteria and quad demolished.  Two runs of classrooms and media center redesigned and completely remodeled.  New office and eight new classrooms built.