TAG Identification Process

  • Medford School District, as required by state law, identifies students who are academically talented and intellectually gifted. Those identified as academically talented have shown specific ability in either reading or math. Intellectually gifted students have demonstrated unusual capabilities in mental reasoning.


    The building TAG Liaison reviews standardized test scores, including achievement tests (Level Tests, Oregon State Assessment) and mental abilities tests such as the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT), looking for two or more scores at or above 97%. Parents, teachers, and other people may also make nominations. The school will look deliberately for students who, although they may not be performing at the 97%, are believed to have the potential to perform at that level.

    Data Collection

    A behavioral checklist (TAG Checklist) and TAG Identification Report are completed for each nominated student.


    A TAG Selection Team composed of school personnel who know the student reviews the data for each student nominated. Names of students who meet the TAG criteria are forwarded to the district TAG Coordinator for final approval and for entry in the district database.

    Notification and Permission

    Parents are notified of the student’s eligibility for TAG. Written parent permission forms are required before services begin.