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    Welcome to the Secondary Education page for the Medford School District. 
    Excellence in Education

    The Secondary Education Department is dedicated to providing an excellent education for all students in grades seven through twelve. Our goal is to build on the comprehensive learning programs from the elementary schools, providing a seamless transition to the secondary schools, and helping all students master the learning standards in preparation for graduation and their next steps after high school.
    Who We Serve

    The Secondary Education Department has 307 licensed teachers, 129 classified support staff, and serves approximately 5700 students. The learning standards are taught to proficiency by our highly qualified staff. Student progress toward the proficiency of those standards is reported to parents eight times throughout the school year. To see the secondary grading practice, you can click here. We believe that communication is critical to helping all students become successful. So, in addition to our progress reports, parents can see how their student is doing in each class 24 hours a day through our Parent Access Link (PAL). Most importantly, parents can click a link in PAL to email teachers directly for any questions or concerns.
    A Great Learning Experience

    Not every student learns at the same pace, and every student has unique strengths, skills, and talents. Helping students discover their gifts and learning styles is paramount to the education process and a primary focus of our educational mission. To aid the learning diversity of the Medford community, we provide a variety of differentiated classes and programs to challenge students to reach their potential. Offering courses in Advanced Placement, Career and Technical, honors, interventions, and even early entry into college, students of the Medford school system are provided an excellent range of courses to choose from in order to best meet each student’s needs.

    The Secondary Education Department is working hard to deliver the best learning experience possible for each student. Our highly trained staff is devoted to helping all students be successful now and in the future. We take to heart the adage that it "takes a village to raise a child." Always with an eye toward the future, our purpose is to help grow the children of the Medford community into the successful adults, community members, citizens, and leaders of tomorrow.