• Abraham Lincoln Media Center

    Abraham Lincoln Elementary's Media Center is the center of the school. It is the place for students to experience the "love of reading". They are encouraged to read and explore the 12,000+ books in the library and use the Media Center to join the "information age" with the use of the fully networked, online computer lab.  Abraham Lincoln Elementary is Medford's newest school with an enrollment of 560 students. The Media Center serves students, teachers, parents and community members with access to both the library and the computer lab.

    About the Media Center

    The library is the center of the school and abounds with materials for student and adult use. You can investigate the world and beyond in its beautiful surroundings.

    The Media Center is the hub of all activities having to do with the Accelerated Reader Program. Accelerated Reader is a supplemental reading program, which is based on reading library books. Our school is dedicated to teaching students to read. (Note:  Reading Street is MSD's adopted reading curriculum.)

    Adjoining the Media Center is a networked computer lab with CD-ROM and Internet access on all stations.

    Students are #1 at our school. We love to see them grow both in academics and self-esteem.

    Michelle Wisely, Media Technician

    8:00a.m - 3:00p.m  (Library closed for 15 minutes, both before and after school, as Mrs. Wisely is assigned supervision duties for student safety.)

    Parent and Preschool Checkout
    Computerized Card Catalog/Digital Library
    Fully Networked School
    Internet Access