• Camden Robustelli, Jordan Davis, Jacob Hokinson, and Tristan Drewien competed in the Team America Rocketry Challenge for 2016-17. They had to build a rocket from scratch following the guidelines that the competition had. The goal of the launch was to hit an altitude of 775ft and land in 41-43 seconds. Also an egg had to be inside the rocket and make it back down to the ground with no damage done to it. The first video was of the first launch which was unsuccessful. The transition piece between the two body tubes Shredded apart causing the rocket to break into two pieces. The second launch was a success with a heavy duty PVC pipe transition piece. The rocket hit an altitude of 1026 ft and landed in 62 seconds.The second video is of the third and final launch. It was a success and the rocket hit an altitude of 667 ft and landed in 23 seconds.
  • Team Rocketry Challenge 2015-2016 team members Shawn Tatos, and Karl Michaels. This year's team built a nice rocket and hit all the targets for altitude and descent rate, however they killed their astronauts during all three launches. Safety does matter in a national rocketry competition as this team was disqualified.
Team America Rocketry Challenge 2014