MSD Coherency Map

About the Medford School District

  • The Medford School District encompasses 361 square miles in the heart of Southern Oregon's beautiful Rogue River Valley. We serve 14,000 students in 14 elementary schools, two middle schools, three high schools, one online virtual school, and four charter schools.

    Our Shared Vision:

    ALL are learning and learning is for ALL

    Our Mission:

    ALL Own Their Present and Future,

    ALL Are Known and Challenged,

    ALL Achieve Their Potential,

    ALL Options are Open and Hopeful.

    Graduation Rate:

    The Medford overall graduation rate for the 2019-2020 school year is 83.4%. The state overall graduation rate was 82.6%.


    • Elementary School_______6,275
    • Middle School____________1,999
    • High School______________ 3,951
    • Charter School___________1,914
    • Total Enrollment               14,139
    • Sped Percentage 15%
    • ELL Percentage 8%
    • Latino Percentage 28%

    Number of Employees:

    • Full Time____________________1,182
    • Part Time (under 1.0 FTE)___249 
    • Certified_____________________762
    • Classified____________________570 
    • Special Education Staff: 14%
    • ELL Staff: 3% 

    Updated November 2021

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