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Washington School

Washington School's history began in 1884 when the Medford School District 49 built a wood schoolhouse on Main Street where the County Courthouse is today.  It was called "West School."  A few years later, there were too many students to fit into this building so the building was moved to 10th Street and became the home of school board member A.A. Davis.

The second school house, built in 1891, was larger than the first.  It was also made of wood and after only four years, it burned.  The next school was constructed using bricks and opened on  March 3, 1896, where the burned one had been.  Jackson County needed to build a new courthouse where Washington School stood.  The school district sold the land, the brick school was torn down and the courthouse was built.  In 1931 a new Washington School was built on Peach Street.  In 1949 an addition was added to the building.  A media center was added to the other side of the building in 1988 followed by an addition of two classrooms and an extension for the computer lab in 1996 to help with overcrowded conditions.

In 2006, the Medford School District passed a bond to improve the learning conditions for students throughout the district.  Washington was in the first round of schools to be remodeled in the 2007-08 school year.  The remodel focused on safety and healthy learning conditions for all students and staff.  The ceilings were lowered so air conditioning could be added.  The carpet was removed and vinyl or wood floors are in all classrooms to cut down on allergens and help with cleaning.  A new cafeteria was built creating a clean comfortable environment for students, staff, and parents to eat in.  An elevator was installed and the front of the school was made handicapped accessible.  Minor work in the gym brightened the area and created a more usable space for PE and assemblies.  Overall, the work at Washington Elementary created a friendly, safe, clean space where all, students will learn and we can work towards our vision for Washington students. 

In 2013 Washington Elementary was added to the Historical Registry.