• Sustainability Curriculum

    As part of a refurnished junior high curriculum at Ruch, students embark on local projects that have tangible results and observable outcomes.  With the adoption of Ruch as a "community school," learning opportunities multiply when students dig into their surrounding environment, repositioned to take a closer look at the social, environmental, and economic issues at play.  At Ruch, our curriculum compresses issues of sustainability to a manageable, local scale. 

    We aim to deliver an educational experience for junior high students that uses sustainability as a thematic vehicle to demonstrate the practice of place-based education and project based learning.

    Teaching and learning functions in five domains of study: 
    1)  FOOD
    2)  WATER
    3)  FORESTS
    4)  WASTE

    5)  ENERGY

    It is with these five areas in mind that Ruch students actively cultivate their personal identity as an ecoliterate citizen who is contributing to a sustainable future.  

    Check out http://www.ruchschool.org for more on the sustainability curriculum.