• New interdistrict transfers to and from the Medford School District beginning in the 2014-15 school year

    The Medford School District is not accepting any new transfers to and from the district with the following exceptions:

    Ruch School Transfers

    The only school that will be accepting new transfers in the district under the new law are transfers to Ruch School if there is space available. You can fill out this interdistrict transfer form and send it to the

    Medford School District Education Office
    815 S. Oakdale Ave.
    Medford, OR 97501

    If Ruch School has spaces available, transfers will be approved up to the grade level cap through a district lottery. Approved transfers may also be approved to attend Medford schools through 12th grade.

    Teen Parent Program Transfers

    The Medford School District is the host for the regional Teen Parent Program. Students in the program attend North Medford High School. Students transferring to this program must fill out this application. We will notify the resident district when a new student is enrolled.

    Hardship Request

    A student or student’s parent/guardian may be granted an interdistrict hardship transfer if the student is facing an emergency circumstance that threatens the health, safety, or welfare of the student per ORS 339.127 Section 1.(9)(c). Click here for the Hardship Request form. 

    All of the rest of the schools in the Medford School District are closed to students wanting to attend a Medford school or to transfer to another school district.

    To contact the Medford School District regarding a transfer you may call (541) 842-3636 or email:
    Elementary Transfer Information
    Secondary Transfer Information