• Team Members:

    Back Row: Casey Custer, Robert Black, Sean Curry, Colin White,Sam Leach, Nick Winetrout, Alex Hoppe, Saxon Pelzel, Chance McLaren

    Front Row: Charles Curl, Apporva Singh, John Bunyan, Reyna Kirschel, Sarah Tang, Emily Christiansen

    Image 2 : Sun's Corona from 11 stacked images from a 100 mm Orion Refractor and a Canon Rebel DSLR

    Image 3 : Eclipse sequence showing two minutes before and after totality

    Image 4 : Moon's Umbra viewed looking west from over 80,000 ft.

    Image 5 : Tornado Balloon films Eagle Balloon at ~60,000ft.

    Image 6 : Total Solar Eclipse filmed from the edge of space

  • North Medford High School High Altitude Balloon Total Solar Eclipse Project 

    Documentary" HiBal Up" Premier: Feb. 21st 7pm in the Planetarium. See the Movie Trailer by clicking Here:https://www.heartisanfilms.com/

    The Total Solar Eclipse of August 21st, 2017 was a total success. Our team of 11 students and 4 mentors accomplished 100% of our goals. We launched two balloons and got pictures of the eclipse and the Moon's Umbra ( shadow of the Moon on the Earth's surface) from the edge of space. We also collect data including: temperature, altitude, pressure, acceleration, UVA and UVB radiation, and Gamma Radiation. We also live streamed the eclipse for NASA TV from Dayville, Oregon. Our ground team took 400 images from the ground using two telescopes and DSLR cameras. Both balloon payloads were retrieved and all equipment was found in the Black Canyon Wilderness South of Dayville. Three team members will present a poster and a paper at the 8th Annual High Altitude Balloon Video Conference in Minneapolis, MN. Oct. 27th-28th.

    KTVL Channel 10 News Article about our team: http://ktvl.com/news/local/north-medford-high-school-one-of-two-high-schools-in-the-us-to-be-working-with-nasa

    Team Web Page : http://mfrhab.org/

    Click on this link  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0CITXqjgkc  for a YouTube video of our NMHS team's successful launch, track, and retrieval of our secondary payload designed by our ten high school students and five adult mentors. The launch from Fox, Oregon ( essentially a ghost town) and the retrieval from an area south of Prairie City was a great success. This launch fulfills a NASA requirement to launch from your assigned area one year prior to the Total Eclipse of the Sun. We are lucky to have a location as beautiful as the Dayville, Or.  area. Our new, but expired NASA balloon burst prematurely at 74,000ft. but other than that it was a successful simulation. Our students were professional, determined, well prepared and good ambassadors for our school as they built relationships with Dennis at South Fork RV Park ( where will will stay during the eclipse) and Dayville High School Science Teacher Jim Latshaw. Jim invited our team to an ice cream social at the school and has agreed to collaborate with our team and help run the NASA ground station for the big astronomical event. The NMHS students involved are: Reyna Kirschel, Alex Hoppe, Casey Custer, Charles Curlee, Sam Leach, Saxon Pelzel, Apoorva Singh, Sarah Tang, Emily Christianson, and Nick Winetrout.  


    NASA has chosen North Medford High School to Launch a " High Altitude Balloon" into the Total Solar Eclipse of August 21st, 2017. At 10:17am the moon will block all of the light from the Sun creating a few minutes of darkness. Our team will attempt to film the event from over 80,000ft ( 15 miles). This winter, ten NMHS students will join the team and prepare for the the greatest astronomical event of our generation.

    Update: Science Works celebration to include North Medford's high-altitude ballon launch mail tribune article: http://www.mailtribune.com/article/20160418/NEWS/160419659


    Update 4/27/2016:

    We had a lot of success launching, monitoring, and retrieving our payload from the Earth Day Launch at ScienceWorks! We didn't quite reach 100,000 ft and the edge of space due to the cold front that was blowing in from th ewest, that made us terminate the flight early, so we could retrieve it without the use of pack mules and donkeys. It landed on a farm/ranch 10 miles east of Keno, Oregon on Rocky's Farm.

    2016 Ballon Launch Team






    Back Row: John Bunyan, Sam Leach, Sean Curry, Nick Winetrout, Colin White, Steve Skoog, Robert Black, Casey Custer and Saxon Pelzel

    Front Row: Emily Christiansen, Sarah Tang, Aproorvha Singh, Reyna Kirschel, and Charles Curl. Alex Hoppe not pictured


    Flight termintation system check: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bONkA8x8PEE

    Earth Day Launch from Science Works as part of Global Space Ballon Challenge: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xPVfD7lnE9I

    New Tethering System and payload cut down test 7-20-16 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDbbiean79s

    List of Teams participating in the NASA HAB Project : http://eclipse.montana.edu/teams/  

        Please visit the North Medford High School Total Solar Eclipse High Altitude Balloon Team Website:  http://mfrhab.org/ for more information.