Cross Country for the 2020 season has been postponed until further notice. 






    Transportation after meets:

    • Hedrick provides transportation to and from all meets. Athletes must ride the bus to the meet, and may ride back to Hedrick if needed.
    • Parents may take their player home after any meet, at any location. They need to sign out with a coach prior to leaving. Please have your ID ready to show the coach.
    • If a game is in Jackson County, someone other than the parent/guardian is allowed to drive an athlete home with a pre-approved note written by the parent/guardian. Notes must be approved by the athletics secretary by noon on the day of the event.
    • If a contest is outside of Jackson County (Grants Pass, Roseburg, Klamath Falls), only a parent/guardian may transport an athlete home.

    Come to practice prepared.

    • Proper clothing & shoes
    • Don't eat much right before practice. 
    • Drink frequent water all day. 
    • Trust your coach an you will succeed.

    Come to practice everyday and on time!

    • Be lined up by the large redwood tree near Jackson Street by 3:45. 

    Running off campus

    • Run with a partner. No one runs alone!
    • Follow traffic signals (be sure to look both ways)
    • Run single file on roads
    • Let and adult handle any issues
    • Follow the correct course set by the coach


    • Speed day
    • Distance day
    • Meet prep day
    • Meets on most Thursdays
    • Recovery/running games

    Parents always pick up athletes at the lower Jackson Street entrance (near track/small parking lot). Please do not park in the bike lanes.


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