Jackson Physical Education Class

kids at PE
  • Welcome! My name is Kate Tuers and I am proud to be the P.E. teacher at Jackson for the 2nd year. I love being able to share my passion of health and fitness with my students. Our focus in P.E. is creating lifelong healthy habits. We do a variety of sport units like basketball, soccer, volleyball, along with working on individual skills such as running, throwing/catching, and kicking. Three times a year I test every student in a variety of fitness skills as follows using the FitnessGram:

    • ½ mile run (1st-3rd) and 1 mile run (4th-6th)
    • Pacer Test (k-6)
    • Push-Ups (k-6)
    • Curl-Ups (k-6)
    • Sit and Reach (k-6)
    • Shoulder Stretch (k-6)

    Our goal is to see improvement in these areas throughout the school year.

    In P.E. we like to have fun and play games, but it is more than that. We learn how to have good sportsmanship, how to solve conflicts, and giving 100% effort even if were not the best at the activity.


    Any questions, comments, or if you would like to help out during your child’s P.E. class or fitness testing please feel free to contact me. I’m looking forward to another great year in P.E.!



    Kate Tuers


    Kate Tuers