Positive Behavior and Intervention Supports (PBIS)

Girls at Lunch
  • PBIS stands for Positive Behavior and Interventions Supports. At Abraham Lincoln, we use the principles of PBIS in our schoolwide system to improve student behavior. 

    Clear Expectations We have developed clear expectations for students to be safe, respectful and responsible in each different school setting. That means that we expect different specific behaviors in the cafeteria versus assemblies. These expectations are posted in each setting. 

    Teaching Expectations;  We do not assume students will know our expectations. During the first two weeks of school, teachers and support staff demonstrate those expectations for kids, and have students practice them. We review those rules after Winter and Spring Break, or if students need a review.

    ­Rewarding Effort

    When students demonstrate effort toward meeting our expectations, staff member specifically acknowledge them and hand them an “Eye Spy” ticket. Students save them and may purchase small prizes from their teacher, or save them up for a variety of class rewards. They may earn an extra recess for the entire class, or save up for a long time for a pizza party. 

    Success and Engagement

    When students are successful in school, many minor misbehaviors do not occur. We want our students to be successful about 80% of the time. We also know that if students are paying attention and doing their work, they are less likely to misbehave. We incorporate strategies to keep students focused on responding at a high rate orally or in writing.

    Stop, Walk Talk

    We teach students to use the Bully Prevention strategy called “Stop, Walk Talk.” These steps are for minor incidents, and are very effective when other peers do not participate in the bullying.

    Corrective Consequences and Success Plans

    Students need clear boundaries. We teach students the consequences for misbehaviors. The negative or corrective consequence vary in intensity, depending on the infraction. Consequences range from rule reminders to out of school suspensions. If a student has a pattern of misbehavior we will develop a student success plan to address the misbehavior.

    Check in Check Out

    If a student has a consistent pattern of misbehavior, we contact the parent and invite the student to join in on our Check in Check Out program. Identified students earn up to six points per hour when demonstrating that they are safe, respectful and responsible. We communicate their success and goals every day with the parents. We may also have them practice correct behaviors, work on prevention strategies, or increase their reminders throughout the day to increase success.

    Ongoing Review

    We have a PBIS Team that meets every month. The review the Patterson of office referral, generated form those infractions. The team meets to develop school wide plans to prevent, reteach, remind, or reward students in order to reduce the problem behavior.

    We have a CICO team, as well, that monitors student progress to continue to improve student success.


    Thank you! These strategies are very effective at home, too! If you would like more information, feel free to contact the school.