• The Medford School District launched its new Pathways program in the spring of 2016 as a way to expand opportunities for all students.

    What is the Pathways program?

    The Medford School District Pathways program is an opportunity for all students to connect with and engage in the high school experience by choosing a four course sequence in an area of their interest. Similar to a college major, students pursue an area of concentration in a pathway of their choice by taking classes they enjoy and becoming involved in a related a club, extra-curricular activity and job shadow or career internship. Pathways help students prepare for their futures by exploring potential career paths and earning college credit and/or industry certification while still in high school.

    What Pathways are offered at the Medford School District?

    Starting as early as the freshmen year, students will begin an area of concentration in one of the following Pathways: Academic, Visual and Performing Arts, Career and Technical (CTE)/STEM, or Pre-Professional.

    Academic Pathway:

    The Academic Pathways are intended for students who are interested in exploring advanced concepts in traditional content areas. If you are passionate about the fields of English, math, world languages, science or social science, one of the Academic Pathways is for you. Engaging in an Academic Pathway provides great preparation for post-secondary education at a college or university. Students in an Academic Pathway will be required to take one additional course beyond what is required for graduation in that area and at least one advanced placement (AP) course.

    Courses Range From:

    • Math (Algebra through AP Calculus)
    • English (English I, II, III, IV through Journalism and Creative Writing)
    • World Languages (beginning through advanced Spanish, French and German)
    • Social Science (required courses through Psychology and AP History)
    • Science (required courses through physical, life, horticulture and medical sciences and AP chemistry, AP biology and AP physics)

    Science Class   Girl Math Class

    Visual and Performing Arts Pathway:

    The Visual and Performing Arts Pathways are for students who want to nurture and cultivate their creativity, passion and skill in both visual and performing arts. Students who enjoy art, music and theater will benefit from taking courses in one of these Pathways.

    Courses Include:

    • Theater, Advanced Theater, Physical Theater, Stagecraft
    • Chamber Band
    • Ballroom Dance
    • Concert Choir & Chamber Choir
    • Advanced Band
    • Jazz Ensemble I & II
    • Art I, II, AP Art Studio, AP Art History
    • Sculpture I & Metals Sculpture
    • Ceramics I & II
    • Concert Orchestra & Chamber Orchestra

    Ceramics Class   Piano Playing

    Career & Technical Education (CTE) Pathway:

    The CTE Pathways integrate core academics into hands-on and project based learning activities that allow students to explore and develop the knowledge and skills for the high-demand 21st century job market while applying core academic knowledge. Students interested in manufacturing, auto-mechanics, culinary arts and information technology may enjoy one of these Pathways. Students in the CTE Pathways may take dual credit, college courses and benefit from internships within the local job market. The CTE Pathways are concurrent with a state endorsed CTE Program of Study.

    Courses Include:

    • Auto I & II
    • Metals I & II
    • Fabrication Lab I & II
    • Robotics
    • Marketing
    • Culinary I, II, III & IIII
    • Digital Technology
    • Engineering Design

     Girl in Automotive Class   Boy in Culinary Class

    Pre-Professional Pathway:

    The Pre-Professional Pathways are designed for all types of students to explore career possibilities while in high school. Project Lead the Way Pre-Engineering is a nationally renowned program new to the Medford School District that gives students high quality, hands-on experience in the engineering world. If you’re interested in business, healthcare, computer science, law, environmental science or education, one of these Pathways is for you.

    Courses Include:

    • Natural Resources (Botany/Horticulture, Environmental Sciences)
    • Pre-Law (Intro to Law, Forensic Science, Speech and Debate, AP Psychology)
    • Pre-Education (Intro to Teaching, Human Development, Academic Tutor,)
    • Business (Small Business, Marketing)
    • Healthcare (Intro to Healthcare Industry, Sports Medicine)
    • Computer Science (Graphic Design, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Photoshop)

    Boy Gardening Class   Girl in Law Class

    For Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Pathways Program, click here: FAQs