*Be Safe.  *Be Respectful.  *Be Responsible.



    In addition to the above, all students are expected to try their best in class and follow the golden rule (treat others how you want to be treated). 

    Positive Rewards: Students will earn TGIF tickets for demonstrating positive behaviors in class and around the building.  Tickets will then be entered into our TGIF drawings for small, fun prizes.  

    Negative Consequences: Students will earn time-outs, loss of privileges, and/or referrals based on poor decision making or disruptive behaviors.  A redirection and warning will be given first to provide students with the opportunity to correct their behavior. 


    *Parents, your support at home and communication with me is essential for classroom success.  I can't thank you enough for all that you do! Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.  As 6th graders at Griffin Creek, our students will practice and increase their independent skills in preparation for lifelong learning.  Our students also serve as role models for almost 600 kids.  6th graders strive to set a positive example for all other grade levels through our daily interactions with one another and those around school.  Students will have several opportunities through the course of the year to engage with younger students and help staff around the building (i.e. Safety Patrol, Eager Beaver Program, Classroom Buddies, Bus Buddies). *