• Medford School District 2015-2016

    Resource Conservation Review


    Energy Efficiency-Medford School District has reduced its energy consumption 19% from fy 12/13 when the district adopted a resource conservation policy.  Total energy consumption for fy 15/16 was 82,1999 mmBTU (One Million British Thermal Units). This equates to a .71% increase from fy 2014. This increase is the combination of a reduction of 1,376 mmbtu’s in electricity and an increase of 1,962 mmbtu’s in Natural Gas (NG). This equals a 2.55% reduction and a 4.62 % increase respectively compared to fy 2014. (Chart 1).                                          

    When both electric and ng are entered in our energy models, and normalized against our occupancy and temperature we see greater reductions. NG consumption is actually down 457 mmbtu’s below predicted values and electric usage was 4,100 mmbtu’s less than model predicted.


    Energy Cost-These reductions correlated to a $91,600 reduction in our energy bills.  NG and electric costs totaled $1,571,588 over fy 15/16 compared to $1,663,188 in fy 14/15, or a 5.8% reduction. Our savings were $33,507 in electric and $58,093 in ng because of a reduction of 9-14% in cost per therm over the last year.


    Water Efficiency- The Fiscal Year 2015/16 saw a reduction of over 7,900 thousand gallons (Kgal), or 7% when compared to the previous fiscal year. This reduction is directly related to both conservation efforts and the policy of investigating and repairing all water leaks. Even with the reduction in our water usage, costs increased over $26,000 from the previous year. This was the result of a 13% percent rate increase by the Medford water commission, and a 6.4% increase in city fees.


    Waste/Recycling- Total waste costs for fy 15/16 was $170,183. This is a 1.5% increase from the previous year. This increase could potentially be contributed to repairs and maintenance for rented and owned equipment. Fiscal year 16/17 will see substantial cost increases as the result of a 12% rate increase and the incorporation of a recycling fees for all commercial garbage accounts.


    Strategic Energy Management-SEM –Medford School district has finished our second year in this program, and enrolled in year three. In addition to saving over 960,442 kwh above our predicted usage, which will be incentivized at $.02/kwh, (estimate $19,200), we received $4,000 in cash incentives. The $4,000 was distributed across the district for participation and success in the resource conservation program.

    Watch this case study video on our district by the Energy Trust of Oregon that highlights our district's efforts. The Energy Trust of Oregon also created this video highlighting a Kennedy Elementary School student's mission to save energy. 

    Next year is going to have increased energy incentives of $.04 a kwh and will include incentives on many of our natural gas sites for the first time.

    Energy Trust-We also promote energy conservation in all of our projects, and it pays off. In upgrading a 30-year-old chiller on our annex building, we will receive $5,700 from the energy trust for utilizing more energy efficient equipment. Since August we have also completed or have been authorized for seven lighting project through the energy trust. These lighting projects will save approximately 23,150 kw eliminate 16.2 tons of CO2, save us $1,974 annually and give us $3,084 back in cash incentives.