• Damaged or Lost Book Policy

    Students are responsible for the books they check-out from the Jackson Elementary Library. If a book is lost, damaged or stolen the student will be responsible for paying the full replacement cost of the book. The student will not be allowed to check-out any more books until the replacement cost has been paid in full. 

    Accidents do happen. Puppies chew (usually new) books, juice containers leak in backpacks, younger siblings use books for creative art projects, and books sometimes get left on the playground the day it rains or flies off on vacation with you.  If a book becomes accidentally damaged or gets lost, please contact the Library Media Center to report it.

     If a book page accidentally rips, please do not attempt to repair it at home. We use special book tapes and glue, which resist heat and will not discolor.  Return the book with a note and it will get repaired immediately.

     If a book is damaged beyond use or a book is lost, a bill statement will be issued to the student showing the replacement cost of the book. You may send in CASH or make out a check to Jackson Elementary School. Please note, we would ALWAYS rather have the book back, so if the book comes back in good condition, we will delete the lost book fee.  If a “lost” book is found after the replacement cost has been paid, the student will be reimbursed the cost of the book after it has been returned to the Library Media Center in good condition and can be returned into circulation.


    dog chewing book