• 3rd Grade Reading 

    Ensure that each elementary student READS at grade level by the end of the 3rd grade. Beginning in kindergarten, all students will be assessed in reading and will be provided with any and all necessary instruction and interventions to ensure each student reads at grade level by the end of the 3rd grade. 
    WE WILL...
    Implement new K-6 English Language Arts (ELA) curriculum by...
    • ordering and distributing curriculum.
    • providing professional development for teachers.
    • conducting classroom walk-throughs to observe the use of curriculum.
    • supporting Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) to make best use of the new materials.
    Provide meaningful interventions by...
    • reviewing student performance and providing tiered intervention strategies.
    • providing Special Education, Title I-A, and English Language Development (ELD) support.
    Utilize effective assessments by...
    • aligning learning targets.
    • aligning sequence and pacing of content delivery.
    • working with Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) to design periodic common assessments.
    • expanding Keeping Learning on Track (KLT) groups.
    • encouraging and reinforcing a growth mindset.