• Accelerate Learning  

    ACCELERATE the learning for ALL students who perform below grade level, bringing them up to grade level by the end of the school year. ALL struggling students will be afforded the opportunity to receive specific, focused, and individualized interventions to ensure they perform at grade level in all academic areas by the end of the school year. Further, we expect Special Education students to meet all Individual Education Program (IEP) goals each year. We expect English Language Learners (ELL) to make at least a year's growth in language acquisition and exit the ELL program in, at most, five years. We expect ELL students who exit the ELL program at the end of 7th grade to graduate from high school in four years.
    WE WILL...
    Identify students performing below grade level by...
    • reviewing Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBA), credit acquisition, and other related student academic data.
    • developing plans to provide accelerated learning.
    Provide meaningful interventions by...
    • reviewing student performance and utilizing instructional grouping.
    • supporting Special Education, Title I-A, and English Language Development (ELD) support.
    Track student growth by...
    • reviewing student progress through school data teams. 
    Address the needs of diverse populations by...
    • reducing mobility so families can remain at their home school. 
    Improve transitions from elementary to middle to high school by...
    • passing a bond to build additional schools so that school feeder patterns are more predictable. 
    Increase student connections to school by...
    • expanding and marketing athletics and activities.
    • maintaining consistent cohorts and improved transition programs at each school.
    • Implementing high school pathways. 
    • tracking all IEP progress data and ELL Annual Measurable Achievement Objectives (AMOA) data.
    • tracking the number of ELL students who make at least one year's growth in language acquisition each year.
    • tracking the number of ELL students who exit the ELL program in 5 years.
    • tracking the number of ELL students, who exit ELL services by the end of the 7th grade, who graduate on time upon entering high school.
    • tracking the number of interventions being offered for all regular education, special education and English language learners.
    • tracking the number of credits being earned in out of school time (i.e., after school, evenings, weekends, summer).
    • tracking attendance data.
    • monitoring student progress data.
    • monitoring summer school and extended day results.