• High School Graduation  

    Increase the GRADUATION rate to 90% by June of 2020. A high school diploma is a foundational credential. We want our students to complete a rigorous and focused academic program of studies, earn a credentialed diploma whereby each student can earn dual credit, accelerated credit, or an industry certification, and have a credible working plan for their growth and training at the post-secondary level. We expect an annual district graduation rate of 80% by 2017, 90% by 2020 and 100% by 2025.
    WE WILL...
    Enlist each high school student to engage in a focused pathway (4 course sequence) of his or her choosing in one of the following: Academic, Artistic, Career and Technical Education, Pre-Professional.
    Enhance credit acquisition and recovery by...
    • reviewing student transcripts and assigning proper courses.
    • monitoring credit acquisition quarterly.
    Improve student attendance by...
    • implementing Attention2Attendance (A2A).
    • implementing coherent attendance program with interventions.
    Implement Freshman Academy at North Medford High School.
    Implement Freshman Advisory by...
    • convening a task force to develop curriculum and guideline for Freshman Advisory.
    • providing staff development for 9th grade advisors. 
    Align learning targets in content areas by...
    • gathering teachers in grades 6-12 for district committees in ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Health.
    • creating an annual calendar for monthly meetings.
    • publishing a district alignment document. 
    Review data quarterly on attendance, student performance, credit acquisition and create intervention plans by...
    • identifying participants in school data teams.
    • working with Information Technology (IT) to establish specific quarterly reports to publish to schools.
    • establishing a quarterly meeting calendar for data teams.
    • school teams publishing their data analysis and intervention plans. 
    Provide math and literacy interventions by...
    • reviewing student proficiency in math and reading and assigning interventions.
    • implementing scheduled interactions. 
    Furnish mentoring programs for students with disabilities by...
    • developing mentoring programs with teachers, parents, students, and community groups. 
    Collaborate with Big Idea partners by...
    • developing a success plan for the Class of 2020.
    • convening follow up meetings with Big Idea and district. 
    Increase inclusive and co-teaching opportunities by...
    • developing a plan for professional development for teachers at participating schools.
    • establishing a structure for co-teaching at all schools. 
    Enhance family outreach regarding college and career opportunities by...
    • working with high school counselors and site councils to create a family outreach plan. 
    Establish systematic and personalized college and career advising for students by...
    • convening a summit with high school counselors, College Dreams, TriO and students to develop a plan of action.
    • continuing development of Career Inventory Systems for grades 7-12. 
    • developing a Junior/Senior seminar system at the high school level.
    • tracking graduation rate data.
    • tracking quarterly passing rate.
    • tracking overall credit acquisition by grade.
    • monitoring students on-track by credit accrual and essential skills.