• High-Tech Learning  

    Integrate instructional TECHNOLOGY to improve student achievement and prepare students to navigate an ever-changing world. Students should have access to high quality technology at all times to enhance the teaching and learning process.
    WE WILL...
    Improve student access to technology by...
    • purchasing and deploying Chromebooks.
    • exploring options for economically disadvantaged families to check out devices and hot spots.
    • providing access to accessible instructional materials.
    Provide professional development for technology enhanced teaching by...
    • creating a professional development plan.
    • collaborating with outside organizations technology specialists to provide regional support.
    • identifying a tech specialist in each building.
    Establish clear grade level expectations by...
    • developing a K-12 scope and sequence for integrated technology.
    Provide a budget to support the use of technology.
    • reviewing student-to-computer ratios.
    • providing a calendar of professional development offerings.
    • publication of K12 Scope and Sequence.
    • improved student performance overall.
    • reviewing student survey data.