• Appliances

    Appliance use is a critical component of the Energy Conservation program.  Appliance reduction has helped reduce energy costs by more than $3,500/month.

    The MSD convened a 27-person Appliance Advisory Group with representation from all entities of the district to develop the “appliance cheat sheet” found below.

    Appliances just being "plugged in" cost the school district money.  Standby, idle or phantom energy consumption accounts for approximately 5-10% of electricity, and is estimated to contribute to 1% of global CO2 emissions.

    Energy Conservation Program

    The Medford School District Energy Conservation program went into effect in 2011.  The purpose of the program is to strike a balance between energy conservation goals and objectives and an adequate educational environment.

    • Appliances are one small component of the energy conservation program. 
    • All employees review the energy conservation policy during annual safe schools training.
    • Heating and cooling are only on during scheduled teaching hours and for special events.
    • MSD does not turn on the HVAC over breaks or on weekends – even for leadership.
    • The aggregate matters.  Small steps make a big difference and it all adds up over 20 sites.
    • MSD spends ~ $2 million dollars a year on power and gas.
    • In 2015, the energy conservation effort brought back more than $200,000 to the district.
    • An improved summer shut down saved more than $50,000 in a three-month period.