• Currently, we offer a couple of different sports opportunities here at Kennedy. In the Fall, we have a Cross Country meet where our 5th and 6th graders get a chance to compete against students from the other schools in our district in a 3 km race. The event is held on the campus of Hoover Elementary School and adjacent Holmes Park. The races our separated by grade and gender. Here is a link for the results of the the 2019 Cross Country race:  https://www.athletic.net/CrossCountry/meet/169468/results
    In the Spring, we have a Track and Field meet for 5th and 6th graders. In the preliminary meet, our school will compete against 3-4 other schools in our District. There are two other preliminary meets where the other 9-10 elementary schools in the district will compete. If students do well in the preliminary meet, they can qualify for the District meet. All students competing at the District Meet have to qualify at their preliminary meet. Qualifying standards vary by event. The events include sprints and middle distance events, relays, jumping events, and a throwing event. Both, the preliminary meet and the District Meet, are held at Spiegelberg Stadium in Medford. Students must get a permission slip signed in order to participate.
    Leading up to the Track and Field meet, we have a Track and Field club that I coach. We practice once a week (Mondays 2:45-3:45) at the school. Students get the opportunity during this time to practice all of the events and see which ones they enjoy and which ones they are good at.  Team Captains are chosen and help lead the practices. Students must get a permission slip signed in order to join.
    I also coordinate a Mileage club that goes the entire school year. The Mileage club is available to 4th-6th grade students. Students will run/walk laps during their lunch recess on Wednesdays and complete as many laps as they can each time. The laps are cumulated and students are then rewarded for various milestones they reach, in addition to regularly attending.
    Another sports opportunity that students have is the Kids Unlimited Rotary Pass to Play Basketball League. This is available to students grades 4-6. Practices and Games are held at the KU Riverside Campus. There is no cost to participate and transportation is provided from Kennedy and then back to Kennedy following the practice. More information can be found at the following link: https://kuoregon.org/pass-to-play/