• In addition to our school sports, we always try to put together a group of students/family members for the annual Mayor's Cup Pear Blossom Run. This is another opportunity for students to get some exercise in and also an opportunity to earn some money for our school's PE equipment. The Medford YMCA (who puts on the Mayor's Cup) awards money to the top 5 schools with the most participants, the most improved school,  the school with the most "School Spirit", and any school that got 20% of their population to sign up. The 2019 Mayor's Cup is on April 13th. We placed 5th in the school competition for number of participants in 2018, and also won the award for most improved.
    Sometimes I come up with some crazy incentives for the students to sign up for the Mayor's Cup, as you can see by the pictures below. This year students will get the opportunity to duct tape me to a chair. Registration forms must be turned in by March 20th.