Sight Words We've Learned

  • Words we've learned:

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  • A few home activities to continue practicing sight words...

    •  Make a sight word treasure hunt! Write sight words on notecards and hide them around the house. When you child finds one, they read it to keep it, otherwise it gets hidden again!
    • Sight word stair climb: place one sight word on each stair. Ask your child to read the word on the stair they are standing on. If they get it right, they get to climb a step! If they don't know, they ask for the word but must go down one step and read from that step. This is a great game before bed!
    • Practice writing the words with different materials such as sandbox sand, baking flour in a shallow pan, playdough, chalk, markers, crayons, colored pencils, expo markers on a dry erase board and magnetic letters on the refrigerator.
    • Go on a sight word scavenger hunt through books and magazines. Count how many times your child can find each word!