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Charter Schools

  • The Medford School District sponsors four public charter schools. Each one of these schools is governed by a charter board, which operates independently from the publicly-elected Medford School Board. When an initial charter proposal is accepted by the Medford School Board, a contract is developed to ensure the charter school maintains its proposed purpose and complies with all state laws. In the eyes of the state, Charter school students are Medford public school students.

    Madrone Trail Public Charter School was the district’s first public charter school. It began as a K-3 school and has added a grade each year. It has reached capacity as a K-8 school of approximately 220 students. Chartered in 2007, the charter has been renewed twice, first in 2010 for three years, and then in 2013 for five years. The school offers a Waldorf-inspired educational program that is typically found in a smaller school setting, including an arts-integrated curriculum emphasizing music, singing, art, drama, life skills, and handwork. 
    Current Madrone Trail Public Charter School Contract
    Logos Public Charter School was chartered in 2010. The charter was renewed in 2013 for three years. The school provides academic support for individualized learning and promotes dynamic parent involvement in each student’s education. The school has demonstrated great success in connecting formerly homeschooling families with public school resources. 
    Current Logos Charter School Contract

    KU Kids Unlimited Academy
    was chartered in 2013 as an outgrowth of Kids Unlimited of Oregon’s mission to provide underserved students with empowerment opportunities. The school was founded to break down barriers for students by providing more instructional time, enriching programs, and a high expectations, no excuses environment to ensure that high school graduation, college success, and career readiness are reasonable goals for all students regardless of race, gender, economic status, or zip code. Kids Unlimited Academy focuses on using best practice curricula, a broad variety of enrichment opportunities, and leveraging wrap around supports and strong parent engagement to ensure students receive a high quality holistic educational experience.  

    Current Kids Unlimited Charter School Contract


    Valley Charter School was chartered in 2015. The Valley School strives to create a middle school where 6th-8th grade students are inspired, challenged, engaged and supported as they are provided a rigorous, STEM focused curriculum taught in a Montessori-based classroom environment.

    Current Valley Charter School Contract