I'm a teacher, a learner, a dad, a husband...I'm just this guy who loves life.

  • Cosand and His Kids

Cosand and Crandall
  • A little about me...

    I was incredibly blessed to be the fourth child of Allan and Yvonne Cosand, a hard-working and loving couple who raised me on a farm in Southern Oregon. As a little kid, I was an explorer and dreamer and laugher. Growing up in wide open spaces gave me the opportunity to follow my curiosity as I learned and built and created.

    Teaching wasn't my first career. I graduated with a degree in Communications and worked for ten years doing graphic design and producing audio and video projects. I came to a point where I wanted more, however, so I went back to school and earned a Masters Degree in Teaching. I have taught at Kennedy Elementary since 2003, working with students in grades 3 through 6.

    In my non-school life, I am proud to be the husband of a remarkable and brilliant woman. Shannon is a person of integrity, strength, and hilarity. She is also the incredible Media Tech here at Kennedy!

    I am the father of four children...all of whom attended Kennedy. Isaac lives in Los Angeles and works at Disneyland. Abigael is a personal trainer and aesthetician here in Southern Oregon. Elijah is attending Rogue Community College. Sophie lives in Southern California and works at Downtown Disney. Shannon and I attend Journey Church and I love singing and playing my guitar as I lead worship.