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    Shannon Crandall, Media Technician




    my kids

    me and my kids ♥

     Easter, 2018

  • Just a tidbit about me....

    I'm the mom of 4 beautiful children. Three beautiful daughters and one amazing son. They are my joy.

    I was born and raised in Southern Oregon as were my parents and grandparents, and I have no intention of ever leaving. With all four seasons represented and within hours you can find yourself knee deep in the rolling waves of the ocean, hiking through majestic mountains, rafting white water rivers, strolling through rolling green hills. or backpacking through Oregon's high desert land, I have no need to I live anywhere else?! :)

    I became the media technician for Kennedy Elementary in the Fall of 2015. It has been the most wonderful and fulfilling job I can imagine.  I get to share my love of reading with the dearest of children and be a part of thier lives as they explore and learn with eyes wide open. THAT is a precious gift.  I also get the privilege to work with the most amazing and caring staff.   

    Please come by and say "HI" anytime...I would love to see you. ♥

     Ms. Crandall


    "To build up a library is to create a life. It’s never just a random collection of books."

    –Carlos María Domínguez

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