• Cat raising hand     What is the grading policy?

  •      Medford School District Elementary Schools are using Report to Parents to inform you as to the progress your child is making toward benchmark standards and learning objectives.  Students will receive 4 (Exceeding grade level standards), 3 (Meeting grade level standards), 2 (Approaching grade level standard and in need of strategic support), and 1 (Below grade level standard and in need of intensive support).  In the area of effort, the students will receive E (Exceeds expectations), M (Meets expectations) or D (Does not meet expectations).

         Medford School District Elementary Schools are using Skills for Success to inform you as to your child's progress in meeting Skills to succeed in the job market.  Your child will receive E (Exceeds standards), M (Meets standards) or D (Does not meet standards).

  • cat writing How do you mark papers?

  •      I strongly believe that students need immediate feedback to reinforce the objectives being taught.  I try to correct student work with the student as they finish.  If your child answers something incorrectly on a worksheet, I will put a dot next to the problem so that he/she may correct the mistake.  When the student corrects the error, I add another dot and a smile line to turn it into a smiley face.  If students finish a paper and all problems are finished correctly, I will give a 100% on the paper. 

        First graders frequently reverse letters and numbers.  I mark reversals with a star to let the students know to correct the reversal.

  • cat walking What is the attendance policy?

  •      Students need to have good attendance and arrive on time to school in order to do their best.  I take attendance and begin class promptly at 7:55 a.m.  Students arriving after 7:55 need to stop and check-in at the office.  They will be given a slip of paper to let me know they have checked-in. 

         Please call the school before 8:30 a.m. if your child is ill.  I will be happy to send home make-up work with an older brother or sister, or I can give it to your child when he or she returns to school.

         If you are going on a family vacation that will take your child out of class, I will be happy to save projects & worksheets that we worked on in the student's absence.  It really is not possible to "make-up" the lessons missed as the most important part of any lesson is the instruction, discourse and guided practice.

         When you would like your child to be excused from recess or P.E., I must have a note from you.  I encourage all children to go outside for recess unless it is stormy.  They have greater ability to concentrate on schoolwork after a short break.

  • boy math Do you use parent help in your classroom?

  •      We love to have parents helping in our classroom.  The time of day we need parent help is during our Differentiated Reading and Writing time (8:15 a.m. to 9:30 Mondays - Fridays).  If you would like to help, please let me know.  Parents usually choose one day a week to help.  I will begin using parent help in a couple of weeks, after our rules and procedures have been established.  All parents/grandparents helping in our room or on field trips must be registered VIMS.  You can register on the Medford School District website.

  • be When may parents visit our your classroom?

  •      Parents are always welcome to come observe our classroom.  However, I do need to minimize interruptions to our routine and distractions to the students and myself during instructional time.  Interruptions make it difficult to keep the students on-task and the teacher focused.  :)  If you are coming to observe, you are welcome to take a seat in the back of the classroom.  If you need to visit with me, I am happy to set up an appointment before or after school.  

  • balancing cat What are your views on student control?

  •      I strongly believe that children need much praise and love to develop positive self-esteem.  I believe a positive comment produces many positive actions.  Our class rules are:

              1.  Be Respectful

              2.  Be Responsible

              3.  Be Safe

              4.  Be a Friend

         The consequences that follow is the student chooses to break a rule are:

             First Time:  "The Look"

             Second Time:  I will have a quiet talk with the student and re-teach the rule or procedure.

             Third Time:  I will re-teach the rule or procedure quickly at recess.

             Fourth Time:  I will continue to re-teach the rule or procedure.  At this point I may need to fill out the school-wide PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Support) minor form.

         Our school uses two types of intervention forms with the students: PBIS Major and Minor forms.  Major forms are used for more serious situations and/or after repeated re-teachings.  Minor forms are used for the less serious situations. 

          I am happy to reward those students who are showing positive behavior with praise, emails and notes home, certificates and special activities.  They deserve recognition for a job well done!

  • eat Do First-Graders have snack time?

  •      The beginning of first grade makes for a very long day for our little ones.  Some of them are hungry long before lunch.  Please know that the students are welcome to bring healthy snacks. They can keep them in their backpacks.  You may want to discuss what is a snack and what is lunch with your child.  Sometimes they get confused.  At morning and afternoon recess the students can take their snacks out and eat them at the picnic table or on the wall on the playground.  This will help fight off hunger. 

  • snow Is the classroom heater out of order?

  •      The heater does work.  :)  I keep our classroom on the cooler side.  (I believe that my internal thermostat is no longer working--so, I adjust the classrrom thermostat accordingly.)  The students may want to bring sweaters or sweatshirts if they tend to be cold.

  • birthday Do you celebrate birthdays at school?

  •      Birthdays are extremely important to first grade students.  However, it is against district policy to celebrate birthdays at school.  Unfortunately, that means no treats on birthdays.  However, I do plan on sneaking in a birthday song and pencil.   Students and teachers are not allowed to hand out birthday invitations at school.  

  • bear Are First-Graders allowed to bring toys to school?

  •      First-graders love to bring little toys to school.  Unfortunately, these toys usually interfere with learning.  If the student is playing with a toy in class, I will take it.  You are welcome to come after school to pick up any toy confiscated in class or I will put it in my "June Box" to be returned on the last day of school. 

  • cat Do First-Graders have homework?

  •      Homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday.  I would like each student to return their homework to my "Homework Box" the following morning so that I can give him/her a new reading assignment.  Homework generally will take the student between 10 and 15 minutes to complete.  An explanatory note will accompany the first homework assignment.

         Life is busy.  Please do not worry about the nights homework cannot be finished.  I understand.  Just return the homework folder the next day. 

         When possible, please spend time reading to or with your child every night.  Reading and talking about what you have read will imporve both reading and language skills.