Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Glenn Johannes

Mr. Johannes was born in Phoenix, Arizona, but has been teaching at South Medford High school for 2 years. He teaches in the College and Career department as well as Social Studies. Mr Johannes went to college at University of Oregon, and used teach political science and finance. He is the boys basketball freshman assistant coach and loves athletics, if you didn't already get that! He has 3 sons, and loves to go on small day trips with them. His hobbies include golf, hiking, and going to church. He has been married for 13 years to his beauiful wife and enjoys taking her on day trips with their kids as well

So we asked Mr. Johannes some silly questions and these were his answers! 

When we asked him what super power he would want, if he could have one and he said," I wouldn't choose a super power because power misguides people from their goals. And if he could be a mascot on a cereal box he would be Tony the tiger because he thinks he's great!

We also asked what his subway sandwich would consist of and he said, "turkey on wheat, spinach, and cucumber." And his favorite food is Mexican

Overall, Mr. Johannes is a adventure seeking, history-making Social studies teacher and enjoys the simple things in life like spending time with his family. This is Mr. Johannes