• Outdoor Education Opportunities

    Ruch Outdoor Community School strives to provide the very best education to its students with the five main components of outdoor/environmental education:

    •General awareness of the relationship. between the environment and human life
    •Knowledge and understanding of human and natural systems and processes.
    •Attitudes of appreciation and concern for the environment.
    •Problem solving and critical thinking skills.
    •Capacity for personal and collective action and civic participation.

    Because our school resides in the beautiful Applegate Valley where natural resources are abundant, lessons can be taken outside of the classroom and administered with a hands-on approach. We are fortunate to have numerous business partnerships that provide additional instruction from field professionals:
    -Sanctuary One
    -Applegate Fire
    -Siskiyou Field Institute
    -Southern Oregon University
    -OSU Extension
    -Oregon Parks and Recreation
    -Applegate Trails

Outdoor Opportunitites