Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. McNabb

Mrs. Mcnabb was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This is her first year teaching at South Medford High School and she teaches in the French/world language department. She went to college at Northern Michigan University in Marquette Michigan. Outside of school, she loves to hike and camp, as well as dance (ballet). She lives in Ashland with her significant other

So we asked Mrs. Mcnabb a few silly questions and these were her answers;

 -What super power, if any, would you choose and why?

 Ability to never sleep. You could do so much more with your day!


-If you could pick any animal and rename it, what animal would it be and what would you rename it?

 Goats - Farm Doggos


-If you could be a cereal mascot on a cereal box, who would you be?

 The leprechaun from Lucky Charms


-What goes on your Subway sandwich?

All the veggies


-Fave food?

 Anything to cheese!

                  Mrs. Mcnabb is great at foreign language! We are glad to have a new addition to our Bach team