Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Jose Vargas

Mr. Vargas was born in Mexico and has been teaching at South Medford High School for 4 years now. He teaches foreign language, and went to college at RCC and SOU. A little more about Mr. Vargas would be that he worked at the Boys and Girls Club, elementary school. He loves to spend time with family, play sports, hang out with his friends, and rock climb. He also volunteers for foster parents' night out. He is married and has two kids; Silas and Abigail

So we took a minute to ask Mr. Vargas a few silly questions and these were his answers: 

 -What super power, if any, would you choose and why?

 Fly- would get to work/home faster everyday and could take my kids on rides 

 -If you could be a cereal mascot on a cereal box, who would you be?


 What goes on your Subway sandwich?

Everything except horseradish  

 Fave food?



                  Mr. Vargas is funny but also serious when it comes to his teaching. He loves to show a different side of every situation to his students and teach in different learning styles for each individual. Plus, no one can rock a goatee like he can!