Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Quiel


        Mr. Quiel has been teaching at South Medford High School for a total of 12 years and teaches in the math department. He was born in Virginia, and went to college at UCSD. He was originally a bio medical engineer, and worked in retail management. He coaches the math team, and loves to play golf, work on his house, cook with his wife, and enjoys cabnetry. He has 5 kids, 5 grandkids, and one puppy.

        If Mr. Quiel could have any super power, he would choose to be able to fly, and when we asked what goes on his subway sandwich, he said pickles! So he obviously loves pickles but his favorite food is whatever his wife is cooking

        Mr. Quiel is fun, and loves teaching! He enjoys his time at school as well as his time at home! And whatever you decided to ask him, his answer will most likely be pickles. This is Mr. Quiel!