2018 Bond Measure
  • FAQs

    What is the purpose of the bond?

    To finance capital costs related to construction, equipping, and furnishing CTE facilities at North Medford High School and South Medford High School, including:

      • Classrooms, computer labs, and drafting labs for CTE programs including, but not limited to Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning), and Carpentry.  
      • Relocation, repurposing, remodeling, or removal of existing spaces as required for new construction or new pathways.
      • Additional paving and parking improvements.
      • Other capital improvements to district facilities.
      • Pay costs of issuance of the bonds.

    What is the projected cost of the project?

    $25 million. This includes the addition of approximately 46-thousand square feet of additional space and equipment.





    What would the bond cost, should it pass?

      • An initial increase of 12-cents per thousand dollars of assessed property value over what individual taxpayers had paid for the current bond in 2017.
      • This would be approximately $32 per year for the owner of a home with an assessed property value of $265,000.
      • The new bonds would mature in 21 years or less from issuance date and may be issued in one or more series.
      • Passage of this measure would cost property taxpayers an estimated $1.69 per thousand of taxable property value, including existing levies.  

    What will happen if the bond does not pass?

    The district will add sections of electrical and plumbing education curriculum and lab experience within its existing space.

    What alternative funding options were considered?

    The district considered other options to obtain revenue, such as directly financing $3 million to $5 million and would use proceeds from its Construction Excise Tax to offset loan payments.

    How much would the excise tax have provided in funding were that option used?

    The district budgeted to receive approximately $1 million in Construction Excise Tax (CET) funds in 2017/18. Due to an increase in construction projects in Southern Oregon, the district anticipates this revenue source will increase by $250,000 to $500,000 in subsequent years. In the plan B scenario, the district would have earmarked the year over year increase in revenue for additional debt service.

    How many students are currently enrolled in CTE classes?

    837 students are currently enrolled in 33 CTE sections at North Medford High School.

    957 students are currently enrolled in 36 CTE sections at South Medford High School.

    How many teachers currently are assigned to teach CTE classes?

    10 teachers teach CTE courses at North Medford High School.

    8 teachers teach CTE courses at South Medford High School.

    Will the buildings be identical at North and South?

    The district is committed to providing equal access to expanded opportunities for CTE and career pathways at both campuses. Flexibility in the building’s core design means that alternative CTE or career pathway programs could be substituted into these buildings as needs for high wage/ high demand jobs change in the future.

    Where do CTE students come from?

    The program serves current North and South Medford High School students and possibly students from Central Medford High School. The Medford School District Board of Directors recently approved open enrollment, allowing students to enroll from outside of the district.

    Are health care related courses currently available as part of the CTE program?

    The district is currently expanding offerings in healthcare careers as part of its Pre-Professional Pathway.

    What current CTE programs are available?

      • Information and Communication Technology
      • Culinary Arts
      • Business/Marketing
      • Manufacturing: metals, robotics, woods, cabinetry/construction
      • Automotive Technology
      • Early Childhood Education 

    Does North and South Medford currently have the same CTE programs?

    Yes, but some course offerings may differ slightly from school to school. 

    How would the passage of the bond affect MSD elementary and middle schools?

    The district plans to engage all students at all levels in CTE programs through field trips and student-led apprenticeship programs.