Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Davis

Mrs. Davis


  • How long have you been teaching at South?


13 years


  • Where were you born?


Santa Monica/Venice Beach Southern CA


  • What department do you teach in?




  • Where did you go to college?


Santa Monica Community College, U.C. Santa Cruz, U.C. Berkley


  • Background?


A Bon Vivant, like to move around, travel, be outdoors


  • Are you a Sponsor/Coach, if so what club or team?




  • What do you do outside of school?


Hike, travel, read, hangout with my neighbors


  • Hobbies/Organization/Community service?


Food bank, environmental organizations


  • What’s your family life like? Kids? Married? Pets? S/O?


1 daughter, a junior at Ashland High School


  • Silly Questions:




  • What super power, if any, would you choose and why?


To have a super memory because my memory is so bad


  • If you could pick any animal and rename it, what animal would it be and what would you rename it?
  • If you could be a cereal mascot on a cereal box, who would you be?


Michelle Kwan because she was an amazing figure skater

  • What goes on your Subway sandwich?



  • Fave food?


Salad and chocolate