Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Eager

This is Mr. Eager's first year teaching at South Medford High School and he teaches in the Career and Technical Education department. Mr. Eager was born in Medford but went to college at BYU- Idaho. Outside of school, Mr. Eager loves to work, farm, and golf, as well as takes time to help out with the communiy service organization called Search and Rescue. He is married with no kids but loves spending time with his wife

So we asked Mr. Eager a few silly questions and these were his answers;


-What super power, if any, would you choose and why? 

Flying. It looks fun

-If you could pick any animal and rename it, what animal would it be and what would you rename it?

Giraffe- Long neck mcgee

-If you could be a cereal mascot on a cereal box, who would you be?

Trix Rabbit

-What goes on your Subway sandwhich?

A sandwhich from someplace else

-Fave food?


                  Mr. Eager is creative and funny! He loves to have fun with his job but also takes it very seriously! He is funny and fun to be around. He loves his wife and his community service opportunities, and if you ask him a question, his answer might be sushi. This is Mr. Eager