What to Bring


    Please bring the following:

    Completed Student Registration Form including updated medical history information. Confirm all information is accurate and current (contacts, phone numbers, address, email, etc.). Parent/Guardian signatures are required at the bottom of pages 2 & 3. These forms must be completed and signed to receive your schedule.

    Completed Nutrition Services lunch application. Families who qualify for free & reduced-price meals are eligible for additional fee waivers and reductions.

    Money (separate from School fees) to pay Lifetouch Check, Credit Card or Cash is accepted to pay for student pictures.

    Textbooks or library books

    Books that were not returned from previous years. There will be a collection station to drop these off and credit your account.

    School Expenses

    Check, credit card or cash to pay for the following:

    $15.00 Damage & Loss Deposit

    $15.00 ASB Sticker - Optional

    $50.00 Yearbook - Optional

    $15.00 P.E. Uniform

    Miscellaneous course fees



  • Fees

    $15.00 Damage & Loss Deposit - This applies to students new to the Medford School District. Medford middle school deposits transfer to SMHS.

    $15.00 ASB Sticker - Optional - This sticker provides free admission to most school athletic events. Gold card holders receive a $3 discount & silver card holders receive a $2 discount on the price of the ASB sticker.

    $50.00 Yearbook - Optional - Nonrefundable after September 30, 2018. Gold & silver card holders receive a discount on the yearbook price until 12/21/18.

    $15.00 P.E. Uniform - Students will receive uniforms the first day of their P.E. class. Miscellaneous Course Fees Some courses may have lab or material fees; please check individual courses. Refer to Course Fees on the next page.

    The Medford School District never wants financial circumstances to be a barrier to a student’s education. We encourage families to support school programs by paying the fees listed. Any family that qualifies for free and reduced-price meals is exempt from school fees that provide access to the regular school program

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