• All students must meet five (5) basic requirements to earn a diploma from South Medford High School:

    Requirement #1:  Credits – Students graduating must earn twenty-four (24) credits in a program comprised of both required and elective classes (see below).

     Requirement #2:  Proficiency in Essential Skills – In addition to credit requirements, as outlined in OAR 581022-1130, a student must demonstrate proficiency in the essential skills of reading, writing, and mathematics.

     Requirement #3:  Senior Project – Satisfactory completion of the senior project.

    Requirement #4:  Computer Skills - Students must demonstrate competency in computer skills. This is done by passing the “Computer Skills” course or an equivalent course.

    Requirement #5: Career-Related Knowledge and Skills – Students must develop an education plan and build an education profile, demonstrate extended application of academic knowledge and skills through a collection of evidence, demonstrate career-related knowledge and skills, and participate in career-related learning experiences as outlined in the educational plan.

    Students earn one-quarter (.25) credit by taking and passing one class for one nine-week term. They earn one (1.0) credit by taking and passing one class for a full year.

    Entering freshmen may bring credits with them from a Medford School District 549C middle school that count toward fulfilling 24 required graduation credits. Those brought to high school may include algebra, geometry, computers and/or a world language.

    SMHS Course Handbook