Pathways Program

  • What is the Pathways program?

    The Medford School District Pathways program is an opportunity for all students to connect with and engage in the high school experience by choosing a four-course sequence in an area of their interest. Similar to a college major, students pursue an area of concentration in a pathway of their choice by taking classes they enjoy and becoming involved in a related a club, extra-curricular activity, and job shadow or career internship. Pathways help students prepare for their futures by exploring potential career paths and earning college credit and/or industry certification while still in high school.

    What Pathways do the Medford School District Offer?

    The Academic Pathways are intended for students who are interested in exploring advanced concepts in traditional content areas. If you are passionate about the fields of English, math, world languages, science or social science, one of the Academic Pathways is for you. Engaging in an Academic Pathway provides great preparation for post-secondary education at a college or university. Students in an Academic Pathway will be required to take one additional course beyond what is required for graduation in that area and at least one advanced placement (AP) course.

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  • FAQ's

    Q: When should my student select a Pathway? 
    A: Students will select a Pathway while planning for Sophomore year. 

    Q: Can my student switch their Pathway? 
    A: Yes. A student can switch their Pathway during their high school career, if they decide that another Pathway is more suitable to their interests.

    Q: Does a student need more credits to be in the Pathways program? 
    A: No. All students will still be required to complete 24 credits to graduate and become involved with other like-minded students, surrounded by caring adults, and with co-curricular activities in which to participate. 

    Q: Does a student's Pathway dictate their future?
    A: No. A Pathway is simply letting a student explore an area of interest. 

    Q: Is a Pathway required for a student to graduate? 
    A: No, but the Medford School District believes that by choosing a Pathway, students will be much more engaged in their entire high school experience, better prepared for their futures, and more likely to graduate with an understanting of thier knowledge, skills, and abilities.

    Q: What is a credentialed diploma? 
    A: A diploma that is tied to a career major course of study where the student earns an outside endorsement of accomplishment, which may include industry certification, dual creit, articulated credit, or a qualifying score on an Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate exam. 

    Q: Can I do more than one Pathway?
    A: Yes. The student schedule allows seven courses per term. There is room in the schedule to meet all core content course requirements as well as to participate in electives and advanced academic offerings.