English Learner Program


    Goals for English Learner Program

    • Identify students that are Limited English Proficient (LEP) and determine their English proficiency level. Annually assess student progress in English language development.
    • Provide English Learners (EL) with a specifically focused instruction in English Language Development (ELD) to ensure that EL's demonstrate mastery in English in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. LEP students are expected to progress through the levels of English proficiency as described by ODE. Guidelines for the district ELD Program are to:
    • Teach English with a focus on listening, speaking, reading and writing
    • Group students by proficiency level (up to two levels may be combined)
    • Follow a scope and sequence of language forms and functions
    • Provide sheltered instruction to ensure that students can participate meaningfully in the mainstream classroom and make progress toward state standards. LEP students are expected to meet the same AYP targets as those set by the state for all students.
    • Assist ELL's in the acculturation process
    • Provide opportunities for parent involvement and increase participation in school events
    • Anticipate and respond appropriately to changing demographics

    Educational Approach

    The district uses a variety of research-based approaches for educating its ELL population, depending upon both the age of the students and the level of English proficiency. For English Language Development (ELD) instruction, the district uses ELD Pullout (elementary) and ELD Class Period (secondary). For content instruction, the district uses sheltered instruction approaches. These approaches all have a strong research base and fall under the descriptors provided by the Oregon Department of Education.

    Medford School District ELL Plan 

    Oregon Department of English Annual Report on English Learners English Spanish

  • Dual Language Program

    Jackson Elementary School is excited to offer a kindergarten and third-grade English-Spanish dual-language program. Starting in 2019-2020, the program allows students to grow as they progress through school. In kindergarten, 90% of the day is taught in Spanish and 10% in English. In each subsequent grade level, the percentage of English increases by 10% until the fifth grade when students are instructed half their day in English and half in Spanish. Please follow the link for more information on our Dual Language Program

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