On October 16, 2019, all 10th grade students will take the PSAT during their regular school day at no cost. 11th grade students are encouraged to sign up to test in the Activities Office for a small fee. 

    The PSAT is the best preparation for the SAT and the ONLY way for students in the 11th grade to qualify for the National Merit Scholarship. 

    All non-testing students will have a Period 1-7 schedule on October 16th. All testing students will be released for a lunch period after the test and are expected to finish the school day. 


    1. You will be testing with your English class in a prearranged space (your English teacher will tell you which one leading up to the test day).
    2. You must report to your testing location by 08:50 A.M. to ensure you get the test started on time in your respective testing location.
    3. THIS IS AN IMPORTANT TEST TO SHOW UP FOR AND TO TRY YOUR BEST AT. The PSAT is something that is sent out to colleges throughout the country and can dramatically help to raise your college profile. Try your best on this test.
    4. NO cell phones are allowed to be on during the test. When you enter your testing location, you will be asked to turn off your phone (not silence it). Please do so.
    5. BRING YOUR STUDENT ID for a faster check-in process.

     Remember to come to campus before 08:50 A.M. so that you can check-in quickly. Please be aware of your testing location prior to the day of testing -your English teacher will alert you to where your test will be.