Post high school planning can be overwhelming, and the options and opportunities are endless. Whether you’re interested in cosmetology, web design, law, or construction, it’s probable you will need more training to reach your career goals. ASPIRE is here to help you realize and achieve those goals!  ALL Students who come to the Tornado Future Center for help are considered ASPIRE Students.  If you would like a volunteer mentor, please follow the steps below and submit an application.  When we have volunteer mentors available, we will match you.  Students do not need a volunteer form for help in the Tornado Future Center.  

    More information can be found HERE


    • Explore educational and training options after high school
    • Developing a post-high school plan
    • Receive assistance with essays and applications
    • Meet important deadlines
    • Seek advice about college and technical training opportunities and choices
    • Seek scholarships and financial aid resources

    HOW DO I BECOME AN ASPIRE STUDENT with an ASPIRE Volunteer Mentor?

    1. Contact Jeri Childress in the Tornado Future Center
    2. If you wish to have a volunteer mentor, you will need to complete and return a permission form with a parent/guardian signature.
    3. Mentor match! You will be matched with a mentor once your permission form has been returned.

      At North,  the ASPIRE program is through the Tornado Future Center with staff in the TFC helping our students using the ASPIRE model of helping students.  If you want a volunteer mentor, please let Jeri in the TFC know and she will connect you.  


    Mentorship is key to the success of the ASPIRE program! You get to play a unique role in the life of a student as you help guide and assist them in pursuing their post-high school plans. Investing in a student through the mentorship process can help students gain focus, perspective, and hope for the future.

    Successful mentors are enthusiastic, reliable, consistent, and follow the training and policies that ASPIRE provides to volunteers. Need more information? Check out this video!

    Ready to join our team?

    1. Contact Jeri Childress
    2. You must satisfactorily pass a criminal background check. Some ASPIRE sites conduct personal reference checks and conduct interviews
    3. Complete the VIM process through the Medford School District and complete/pass MSD’s criminal background check
    4. Complete the ASPIRE Volunteer Orientation and Training
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    Jeri Childress
    Tornado Future Center
    Office Assistant; Scholarship Coordiantor
    Aspire Coordinator